About Us

The Drunken Crew is a diverse clan with members from various ethnicity's and walks of life. We do not discriminate towards race or gender and pride ourselves on creating a warm and jovial atmosphere for our members. It is often said that the Crew is more of a family than a clan. Many of the original members of TDC have known each other for many years and have been gaming together across different platforms and different games.
The crew is largely FPS based with a particular interest in the Battlefield, Call of Duty and Titanfall franchises. However, many of the members play various other games and their experiences and suggestions are regularly expressed in the

Founded in 2014 by Sundawg89 and II-xDIABLOx-II. Both have had vast experience in the management of clans as well as being executive leaders in their day to day lives. They pride themselves on being loyal to their members and to provide them with the best possible gaming experience they can. Communication is key to all the STAFF and no Crew member is 'just another member'. Everyone has a voice and the staff are always ready and willing to listen.

Being such a tight nit group, TDC have a slogan that still holds true today. It is a place "Where every member knows your name". This sums up how much of a personal feel we at TDC wish to convey and how much we value each and every Crew member.

Age Restriction

We are an 18+ Clan. This is more so that we do not offend anyone. We talk shit, cuss, drink and love titties and ass. This could cause offense to minors, so we keep it adults only!

Microphone Requirement

We like to communicate. We like you to communicate. This is for tactical reasons as well as social reasons. We like to get to know you and you us, therefore having a mic is key. As said before, you are not just another member to us, so getting to know you is important to us! Tactically, it is also critical. We can't kick ass if we can't communicate so again, having a mic is a must!

Activity Requirements

It is required that each and every one of our members be active - relatively so - and this includes checking the website from time to time. Can you take vacation and be away for lengths of time? Sure. But please let us know if you are going away for a while!

The Drunken Crew Members

The list of crew members and their ranks can be found on the ROSTER.

If you think you think you would be a good fit for our Crew and meet the requirements listed above, please register and then submit an application here: Apply